Freitag, 30. August 2013

50f: Free

Freedom's Dance

As in the desert, 
A sand blows, 
It's eastward wings carrying it's wonderous jewels
A lady, dancing no less, her face that of a thousand queens, 

Drawing all those about into her deep cavern of mystery, 
Her fiery presence both a blessing and a curse, 
For there before you now stands the dancer of life.

No lines shall be cut, No rules shall be decided
A wind shall shape the gentle curves, 
And water shall give it's shine
As the fire within glows brightly, herself a lady of time

Swords flash in the setting sun, 
And veils twirl around her, 
A commotion caused over her openess, her trueness

A woman, a woman, not to be free
Not to be opened, not to be seen
No, No, this is not how to be! 
She shall not hidden, nor given as a bride
But open her soul, and hold out her pride

There is a dance, a dance to be free
I speak of this dance, 
Because between you and me, 
It's the dance of the ancients, and the dance of the new
Of the old and the young, 
It's the dance of many a tongue, 
For this is my dance, my chance to be free
And open and happy, and truely be me 

Jessica Millsaps

Die zauberhafte Lioba, beste Freundin meiner kleinen Schwester, hat für dieses Shooting für mich gemodelt und (wie man oben sieht) ihre Sache hervorragend gemacht. Danke, danke, danke! 
Für mich hat Tanz sehr viel mit frei sein zu tun. Es liegt ihm eine unvergleichliche Leichtigkeit bei. Die Lasten fallen von den Schultern und man kann sich einzig der Musik, den Bewegungen und dem Gefühl völliger Seligkeit hingeben. 

For this shooting I was joined by my little sister's beautiful best friend, Lioba. I think she looks rather gorgeous in the photos and, by that, did a wonderful job. Thank you very much!
For me, dancing is directly connected to being free. It's something about the lightness that comes with it. All weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can give in to the music, movements and the feeling of utter happiness.  


  1. Anonym25/2/14

    she is so beautiful! :) and i love the way you take photos :)

    1. How sweet of you! It really means a lot. Thank you. And yes, she's gorgeous, isn't she?


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